About Us - Optimi Campus

About the Optimi Group

The Optimi Group provides offerings in four divisions:
Home, Workplace, Classroom, and College

Together, these divisions service over 200 000 learners every year.

Optimi Home provides accessible home education and after-school solutions for learners, parents, and tutors. It includes South Africa’s leading home education curriculum provider Impaq; flexible and accessible learning environment, Optimi Campus; practice software specialists, Cami; examination preparation workbooks, Quanta books; and specialist publishers, Excom.

About Optimi Campus

  1. We are excited by digital learning and entrepreneurship experiences
  2. We guide and prepare learners for their journey after school
  3. We provide tutoring solutions that are affordable and accessible
  4. We encourage collaboration and learning with peers
  5. We allow learners to become independent, accountable, and disciplined