Matric Rewrite - Optimi Campus

Matric rewrite

Want to improve your matric results?

If your matric year did not go as planned, it is not too late to achieve the desired marks and apply for your dream field of study!

You can register with Optimi Campus to improve or repeat Grade 12.

You can choose to:

  • Repeat your portfolio and final examination/s

If you select this option, you will redo all the tasks and tests as well as the June, preliminary, and final examinations. You can choose to redo all your subjects or select certain ones only.

  • Repeat only the final examination/s
    (terms and conditions apply)

For this option, you must have sat the final NSC examinations and have a complete and valid SBA consisting of tasks, tests, and June and preliminary examinations.

Please note: the SBA is valid for only three years after completing matric.

You will rewrite the final examination/s only at the end of the academic year and your current SBA will be submitted as part of your final mark. Candidates cannot rewrite Life Orientation.

You can register for individual subjects or the whole seven-subject package. You will be attending classes in the subjects you are rewriting. Once you have successfully completed the rewrite, you will receive a National Senior Certificate (NSC) issued by Umalusi. This will enable you to apply for further studies at any university (depending on whether you meet the university’s admission requirements).

At Optimi Campus, we provide you with quality education by eliminating stressful classroom environments and delivering individualised learning via qualified facilitators.

Please note: to apply for a rewrite, you must have written the final NSC examination within the last three years.