Robotics Club - Grades 10 - 12 - Optimi Campus - Optimi Campus

Class time: Every Monday from 15:00 – 16:00

Semester 1: February – June

Semester 2: July – November

Cost: R450* per learner per month
(February – November) or R2 250* once-off

Venue: Optimi Campus Lynnwood or Auckland Park

*Prices listed above do not include the once-off robotics kit price of R3 300.

What’s covered

During the course, you will be able to transfer and test your knowledge and skills by completing computer science-based projects such as:
  • Raspberry Pi: you will build a small single-board computer with Linux.
  • 2D games: you will test your skills by programming in a high-level language to build 2D games.
  • Image processing: you will use a webcam to perform image processing using pre-built classification libraries and test your understanding of data analytics.

What's included

Master kit

Weekly classes

Video-based learning for each project, task, and concept taught in the course

Kit components:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 (1GB RAM)
  • USB gaming controller
  • Raspberry Pi 3 case
  • 8GB micro SD card
  • USB webcam
  • Power cable for the Raspberry Pi 3
  • HDMI cable


Scroll to see whole table:
Package selection
Kit price: Compulsory purchase from Impaq or Optimi Plus (once-off)
Course price (once-off)
Course price (monthly fee)
Semester total
Standard package SEMESTER 1 (FEBRUARY – JUNE)
R3 300
*Parents can choose to pay tuition support fees as a once-off fee or a monthly cost.
R2 250
R5 550
Standard package SEMESTER 2 (JULY – NOVEMBER)
R3 300
R2 250
R5 550

Please note: A robotics kit is a prerequisite for joining the Optimi Campus Robotics Club. The kit can be purchased through Impaq or Optimi Plus.

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